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Metal Type

Kimac metal type

Kimac metal type

Kimac metal type

Kimac metal type is precision engineered for maximum length of service with minimal downtime, and fits all machines.

How you gain by using Kimac metal type

  • Specifically produced for marking all packaging materials, particularly in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic, Cereal, Confectionery, Drugs and Chemical industries etc.
  • Type can be supplied in brass, stainless steel, flat faced(for foil blocking), or sharp faced-for precision marking on all film, card, cellophane, plastic, paper, metal packaging etc.
  • Wide range of stock items, available for prompt dispatch.
  • Precision marking every time resulting in minimal downtime for you, is a result of Kimac’s engineering expertise.
  • A top quality product at every-day prices because of Kimac’s high tolerance, CNC mass production techniques.
  • Specials easily produced to order including logos, alternative fonts or sizes.

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