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Easijet 320

Industrial Inkjet S320

Inkjet Coder: Easijet320

Simply attach the printer to your production line
and start printing onto bottle, can, sacks or
other products, with excellent print quality.

Technical Specifications:
• Continuous inkjet printing,easy to start up;
• Automatic nozzle cleaning, automatic on/off button;
• Friendly operation interface, more convenient to operate;
• Provide English message edit function, message can be reversed or inverted;
• Locate any point to edit within edit area;
• Logo and graphics printing;                              
• Serial number, shift code, clock setting and printing function;
• Time could be offset to hours, 4 clocks could be inserted simultaneously at most;
• 2 serial numbers could be inserted simultaneously at most;
• User-defined fonts, capable of printing anything you want;
• Large memory volume of over 1000 messages, could • be expanded by USB disk;
• Download message or update program by USB disk through USB connector;
• Autom atically adjust viscosity, Non-stop during ink or make-up replacement
• Print quantity counter and monitor;
• Automatically display faults and warnings.

Print Speed:
• Maximum Speed is 1666 characters per second (single line at the lattice of 5*5), equal to 255 meters per minute.
Message Height:
• 1-20mm, characters could be bolded 9 times
Font Option:
• 5*5, 5*7, 7*9, 10*16, 12*16, 16*24, 12*12(Chinese), 16*16(Chinese)
Power Supply:
• 160—220V / 50—60HZ
Working Environment:
• Working temperature: 5-45 C     
• Working humidity: 30-90 %( non-condensing)

Ink & Makeup:
• Unique hydraulic system design, lowest makeup consumption, Data Communication

Encoder connector
• USB connector
• NPN/ PNP Product detector connector
• RS485 data transition connector

 Easijet320_ENG.pdf (203.08 KB)

 see VDO

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