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Easijet 1000

Large Character Inkjet(DOD Inkjet): Easijet 1000 Large Character Inkjet: Easijet 1000

• Most economical cost per code solution
• Out of the box and on the job in minutes
• Incredibly easy to use and maintain
• Selectable print heights and fonts

Large Character Inkjet: Easijet 1000

The Easijet 1000® printer is a compact, single line, ink jet system that can be programmed quickly and easily. Product names, identification numbers, automatic production counts and accurate-to-the-minute time code capabilities are available at the touch of a button. The Easijet 1000 system’s original hard-working design provides outstanding reliability, unsurpassed performance, high ink mileage and low maintenance.

System Includes:
• Controller/Input Device
• Printhead
• Universal Power Supply
• Adjustable External Air Pump
• Mounting Bracketry
• Starter Ink and Solvent CleaningSpecifications:
• Instant access function keys
• Customized time and date codes
• Date, time, sequential numbering
• Print delay for message placement
• Character width adjustment
• Product counting
• 99 message store
• Print Heights 20 mm
  Optional Heights: 10 mm, 15 mm
• Character Fonts 7 x 5 dot matrix,
  54 printable ASCII characters
• Message Length Up to 40 characters
• Print speed upto 35 metres per minute
• External adjustable air pump
• Operating Temp Range 4° to 49°C
• 220 VAC 50 Hz
• 1 litre or 5 litre Ink Bottle
• Ink system separate from electronics
• Shipping Weight 10 kg

 Easijet1000_ENG.pdf (192.77 KB)
 See VDO

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