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Jet Stamp
Mobile inkjet hand stamp

Mobile inkjet hand stamp

Mobile inkjet hand stamp
for a wide variety of applications

jetStamp 790 MP
■ Prints easily, quickly and quietly on all even and uneven surfaces, forms, bundles of documents, or envelopes
■ Gentle treatment of surface being marked
■ Quickly adaptable to the changing demands of workplace organisation
■ Battery operation for added flexibility easy and convenient to take to goods for marking
■ 25 different impressions stored in the stamp memory
■ Up to 4 individual texts or special functions can be stored
■ Number, date, time and text in a one or two-line impression
■ Clearly visible print area
■ Simple menu-driven, user-friendly display
■ Stamping activated by a trigger button in the handle

jetStamp 791
Online stamping
■ Direct online printing via a PC interface and direct power supply without a battery
■ Marked text can be printed from all MS Office programs
■ Supported by "Click & Stamp" software
■ Start printing with a mouse-click at your PC or directly at the stamp

jetStamp 792
With direct power supply As Model 790, but also with:
■ Mains unit for continuous operation without a battery
■ Stamping activated by a trigger button in the handle or remotely through a connection socket
■ Suitable for automatic applications, e.g. installed in machinery or production lines

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