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Speed I Jet
speed-i-Jet The mobile pen inkjet printer

speed-i-Jet The mobile pen inkjet printer

The mobile pen-inkjet printer

Take advantage of a new independence:
speed-i-Jet 798 is the solution when you need to print individual text, consecutive numbers, date and time, and still remain mobile! You can print on any  bsorbent surface smooth or irregular, whether with or without contact, even if it has an irregular surface.

Print without labels:
There are numerous potential fields of application. Examples from the almost infinite variety of possible applications are in logistics departments, QA systems, and medical practices. A concrete example is the release of goods for dispatch following a visual inspection. In future, such tasks can be carried out quickly and easily using a speed-i-Jet 798.

After the software has been installed, all the texts you need can be defined in the program, and then are sent to the speed-i-Jet 798 via USB cable. And of course, you can change the freely configurable text as often as you need.

And now it‘s ready for use!
Position the speed-i-Jet 798 above the surface you want to print on and press the red button as you move the pen.

Fully mobile! Prints texts, date, time, automatic numbering or coding, almost anywhere, on flat, uneven, rigid or soft surfaces.

Great for:
hospitals, warehouses, insurance companies and field service whenever portability is important.

• Pocket format, easy to carry
• Prints up to 40 characters in one line
• Define the texts, date, time and/or numbering on your PC, and transfer your message via the USB cable
• Adapts to left- or right-handed users
• Noiseless operation
• Just press the red button as you slide the pen across the paper

The package:
speed-i-Jet 798, ink-jet cartridge,
installation CD-ROM (Win 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista),
USB cable and AA batteries

Technical data
• Body colour: Silver grey
• Dimensions: 32 x 43 x 173 mm (B x D x H)
• Weight: 125 g
• Certificated: CE

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