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Ruber type: LOCKTYPE article
LOCKTYPE® Rubber type Characters

LOCKTYPE® Rubber type Characters

LOCKTYPE® Rubber type Characters

KIMAC offer a wide range of rubber type and fonts ranging in size from 2mm.-22mm. Boxed font sets contain an assortment of individual type characters designed to meet most customer needs

The rubber type LOCKTYPE® is compatible with most major brands of ribbed-back type(Baselock), but nothing matches the precision thickness and alignment of rubber type LOCKTYPE®

LOCKTYPE® Rubber type Characters: Individual characters can be ordered when only a few characters are needed

LOCKTYPE® Rubber type Logos: A logotype is lines of characters molded in one piece. Logos provide superior quality impressions over combinations because of uniform type wear.

Rubber Choices: Natural rubber is best for general purpose use with water-based or alcohol-based inks. Buna is recommended for use with oil-based inks, and inks made with hydro-carbon derivatives

LOCKTYPE® Rubber Type Set:
All the above styles are available in either A or Z sets, Cotanining As:

 Locktype.pdf (511.36 KB)

 Click here for a video.
A set
7 each letters AEN
3 each letters QXY
2 each figures 0-9 and 5 each heiroglyphics .-/,
Z set
10 each figures 0-9
3 each hieroglyphics.-/

LOCKTYPE® Rubber type Logotypes: Combinations of letters or figures can be molded as one piece for constantly used legends. Any special design or trade mark can be produced from supplied artwork

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